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Sunshine Entertainment & Events Pvt. Ltd. Is a group of young people who have been associated with art, culture, stage and performing arts with a common view to encourage new methods into the deep rooted culture of talented individuals and groups.


The team is very dynamic and mainly focus of promoting, supporting and enhancing skills which are related to our cultural roots. From professionally trained actor, to a director, scriptwriter, musician, dramatist, to experienced professionals in running a grooming school, education, emotional upliftment, production of movies with industry background to balance the growth of the company as a whole.



We have been accredited at the Cannes film festival for 2 short movies - our in house production - FLAMES - in May 2017 and Anirban Guha's Elixir in May 2016. Our two Bengali feature film "Friends" and "Hawa Badal" have been widely acclaimed. We have successfully organized shows in Kolkata with performing arts and plays. We have organized various charity events for large NGO's of Kolkata.





Keeping in view our effort to promote quality learning, we realized the importance emotion access plays in every person role may it me actors, parents, teachers, corporates, professionals, therapists, psychiatrist, doctors, students or children.


We all struggle to express correctly and hence experience stress in our daily endeavors.  Keeping the above view, we have been most impressed by the methods of PEM that has been developed by Mr. Stephan Perdekamp after his thorough research for past 20 years.


We want India to experience how easily emotions can be accessed, expressed, relieved and delivered with no formed thoughts, presumptions or effort. The process is a BIO Emotional Access Method.


We are certain that each individual who goes through the PEM experience does feel uplifted and free from all clutches of deprivation, depression, suppression and low self esteem.

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INSTRUCTORS coming to India
Stephan Perdekamp FOUNDER of PEM is author of 36 stage plays and has worked as a director of films, operas and theatre productions, script editor, and producer or executive producer of various theatre projects in Germany and Austria. Between 1991 and 2004 he developed the Perdekamp Emotional Method, which is taught since 2004 in the University of Vienna and has since been used across Europe and America. In 2016 he was giving a speech for therapists about PEM at the Royal Society of Medicine in London.
Sarah Victoria, Actress and PEM Master Instructor, trained directly with PEM creator Stephan Perdekamp and is certified PEM Instructor (2004). Sarah studied acting, drama, art history and philosophy in Vienna and London. She did her state diploma in acting in 2002 and her MA about PEM in 2004. Sarah is member of the German and the UK PEM Ensemble. In 2012 she became Head of PEM-International Office, leading PEM workshops in the US, UK, South Africa and Europe.Sarah trained the PEM Instructors at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and Solent University Southampton.
Team - PEM India

Rushvir Singh

Director - Sunshine Entertainment & Events (P) Ltd.
Partner - PEM India

Rushvir is a very successful, young, enthusiastic entrepreneur in the chemical industry for the past 15 years. He started his media production company in 2008 and a short film - "Flames", produced under him in 2017, has been accredited at Cannes Film festival in 2017. Passionate about music and loves playing instruments and singing in various jazz bars and is a theatre enthusiast. His vision is to explore and adapt the best education, culture, behaviour values and method acting from across the globe into today's Indian generation.

Manish Bhimsaria

Director - Sunshine Entertainment & Events (P) Ltd.
Partner - PEM India

While taking over business in a period of family crisis, with his self belief, hard work and disciplined dedication Manish has set a mark in the steel industry since last 12 years. Manish has been an active participant in sports, a big movie buff and a car lover. Loves his extended hours at work but takes out time to watch plays and dramas, standup comedy being his utmost favorite. His vision is to serve as a leader, live a balanced life, and apply ethical principles to make a significant difference.

Megha Kapoor

Executive Partner - Sunshine Entertainment & Events (P) Ltd.
Associate Partner - PEM India

From an entrepreneurial family, Megha always had a gut to run her own business. She has worked extensively in the market research industry with the leading companies in this sector. Megha is a highly solution oriented person with a pragmatic approach to every situation. Loves singing and dancing, a movie lover and is also a good baker. Her wanderlust is also on the rise. Her vision is to keep growing as an individual, being a role model and a value addition to people around her.
our associates  

World Cinema Partners is a Production, Acquisitions and Media Marketing company for International Films and TV contents that span anything between Hollywood and Bollywood. Currently, located in United States, New Zealand and India, we are in the process of expanding in Europe and South America.

PEM workshops are organized in association with WCP in Mumbai and Delhi

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