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A unique acting methodology based on biological process

PEM - discovered and developed by German director and playwright Stephan Perdekamp - provides performers with a direct, effortless and guidable access to authentic emotions, independent from personal experiences or memories. It identifies precise biological points responsible for emotions and how to generate emotions by stressing or contracting those areas.

The former is a tedious and uncertain method whereas the latter - PEM’s modern, biological and fast approach - grants security, flexibility and reliability in an actor's career. PEM works with an unheard-of simplicity and effectiveness in creating emotional depth and expressiveness.

PEM's emotion technique is officially part of the curriculum on the prestigious BA Acting Course at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London as well as the BA (Hons) Performance Degree at Southampton Solent University. PEM masterclasses have been taught worldwide, including the University of Cluj (Romania), the University of Johannesburg (South Africa) and many classes in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Amsterdam, The Hague, Hamburg and Munich.

THIS PEM workshop will benefit:
• Teach the Actor to access true, powerful emotions biologically without using    psychological manipulation, personal experience of tapping into trauma
• Clear emotional block from the actors instrument without going into story
• Hone the actors craft through intensifying and deepening work with character, text and    emotion with clarity and specificity
• Help the character to connect safely and truly to others and so create instant chemistry   and relationship
• Remind the actor that acting is Fun and Liberating

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Here are a few comments by industry professionals:


"Stephan Perdekamp has created something extraordinary, a method for producing emotion using only an actor’s bio-physiology. This is the acting technique for the twenty-first century – it would have amazed even Stanislavsky!”


Peter McAllister, Acting Teacher / Certified PEM Instructor
The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama


"I’m very impressed by the techniques PEM has developed to facilitate actors‘ access to their feelings. It is absolutely in keeping with current discoveries in neuro-science and the results are more honest than a lot of the traditional strain and self-indulgence that surrounds much acting work. Actors do not have to go into autobiographical trauma to dredge up feelings which usually have more to do with the actor and less to do with the character they’re playing! By seriously studying how the body functions, actors can, healthily and efficiently, release truthful expressiveness. The body rarely lies. And this process of working through body to emotion is what PEM is constantly exploring and refining. Ultimately, the physical and the emotional are one.“


UK director Mike Alfreds
described by Sir Ian McKellen as one of the best three directors in the country


" The PEM acting method is utterly and completely revolutionary. It can elevate a good actor’s performance from believable, to entirely truthful.

It not only will shape the craft of acting, but also how people view their own emotional states.  It connects the actor with genuine emotions to relay to the audience, and does so without complication.  Honestly, if applied correctly, this method has the potential to introduce a whole new level of understanding to anyone dedicated to the training. "

Brendan Kyle Davis, actor
Los Angeles, US

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