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Emotion Cleansing Program


The Perdekamp Emotional Method (PEM) is a holistic educational communications method based on a clear and precise biological process. PEM (discovered and developed by German director and playwright Stephan Perdekamp) provides us with a direct, effortless and guidable access to authentic emotions, independent from personal experiences or memories.


In contrast to psychological approaches, Stephan Perdekamp does not view emotion as a capacity of the mind but as an independent and physically manifested survival mechanism, i.e. an innate action pattern that serves a particular purpose. PEM does not focus on the differentiation between positive and negative emotions (all emotions are needed for survival under specific circumstances) but assumes to understand the potentially productive contribution to the individual and to the society what each emotion can offer. PEM aims at responsible and appropriate management of emotions.


In order to manage emotions we need to learn how to deal with emotions skillfully and consciously.

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What Causes Stress and Strains:

Imbalance or Inaccuracy in the permutation of the following factors leading to discord and disturbance–

• Human Expression (surfacing at the obvious level)

• Emotion behind the expression (lying at the innate position)

The clarity behind transfer of correct Communication (with the accompanying baggage of the formerly stated Expression and Emotion)


Why addressing this imbalance is important in today’s world:
Communication is the key factor in Emotional Stability. In other words Communication is expressed out of Emotion The challenge of maintaining the balance of correct release of Emotion, hence communications becomes more important as:

It carries speed and functions in a multi-level structure –where lateral, horizontal and sectional communication is being practised parallel. 

Each Communication operates at a different level of the Emotion which in turn converts to Expression

People struggle to switch over continuously from one Communication level to the other instantly, switching from one Emotion to the between the communicator   and the receiver.


What Does That stress Lead to…

Low Self esteem and Difficulty in Assertion
Mind wandering
Focus and Concentration difficulties
Lack in Anger management
Increased Stress
Procrastination and Indifference
Arriving at Quick judgments and Perception problems
Assessment and Decision making
Out of Ideas!
Creativity or Innovation Blockages


Results of ECP and its Benefits

Lead to return of our natural and in-born action patterns.
Help to release involuntary and unconsciously trained blockages in communication and behaviour with lasting effects removing emotional management crisis    and help stress management
Help to achieve the dissolving of insecurities, anxieties and awkwardness, burnouts towards own emotions and the emotions of others.
Allow to practice and improve our emotional action, speaking and communication skills, team building and leading skills
Develop emotional clarity and balance emotional health, raise emotional intelligence as well as cleansing of pent-up emotions

• Lead to high self-confidence and satisfaction.

"We support people"
After 10 years of research and 15 years of professional experience of working with emotions, we are experts in the field of emotional stress release and will help you deal with your personal or professional strains, so you can keep working in a healthy and productive way.
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