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• Age group 13 to 21

An Innovative and Revolutionary Method Of Emotional Balance and Communication Based On Biological Process


As the PEM evolved, it identified the need to interact with the teenagers with the language they most understand - The language of unspoken words - Emotions Wittingly or unwittingly they are constantly communicating with the world, sending emotional signals distinguished in three levels of human communication as a basis for its process:


i) The Intellect - serves the purpose of communicating and processing (=understanding) abstract and cognitive occurrences

ii) The Body - is responsible for unconscious reactions and reflexes

iii) Emotions - defined as innate holistic muscular movement (action) patterns which are distinguished by their function and direction



The Major Stuggle the teenagers face while communicating are

• Expression (surfacing at the obvious level)

• Emotion behind the expression (lying at the innate position)

The clarity behind transfer of correct Communication (with the accompanying baggage of the formerly stated Expression and Emotion to the sender and the receiver.)


Why addressing this imbalance is important in today’s world:
Information and Communication has become very fast and is the key factor in Emotional Stability. In other words Communication is expressed out of Emotion The challenge of maintaining the balance of correct release of Emotion, hence communications becomes more important.


Today - Communication hence Emotion

Carries speed and functions in a multiple levels

Each Communication operates at a different level of the Emotion which in turn converts to Expression

Teenagers struggle to switch over continuously from one Communication level to the other instantly, switching from one Emotion to the between the communicator and the receiver.



What Does That stress Lead to…

Aggression in erratic form

Low Self esteem and Difficulty in Assertion
Mind wandering
Focus and Concentration difficulties
Depression / Frustration
Procrastination and Indifference
Creativity or Innovation Blockages



Benefits of PEM:

PEM helps build emotional communications skills, clarity of thought and competence. This is reached by practicing and physically understanding the difference of the six key emotions of PEM: Aggression, Happiness, Grief, Lust, Fear and Revulsion.


For Teenagers, in learning how to communicate on the level of emotions will open doors to understanding themselves, thir parents, thier seniors, their teachers, different cultures and cultural behaviour. Every person has felt fear or grief or happiness, regardless of their ethnicity, heritage or cultural upbringing. Being able to communicate through emotions means being able to communicate internationally. Emotions are the language of the future.



Where PEM has been applied beyond the Arts -


i) PEM has been used in German schools to improve the communication among students with different backgrounds.

ii) PEM was used in prisons in Germany and the UK to help inmates understand and better deal with emotions in order to rehabilitate them.

iii) PEM has worked with Aspergers patients to help them better understand and communicate emotions

iv) PEM was introduced to the National Council of Hypnotherapy - a part of the Royal Society of Medicine in the UK - where it was met with great appreciation and excitement.




Lead to return of our natural and in-born action patterns.
Help to release involuntary and unconsciously trained blockages in communication and behaviour with lasting effects removing emotional crisis and help manage stress
Help to achieve the dissolving of insecurities, anxieties and awkwardness towards own emotions and the emotions of others.
Allow to practice and improve our emotional action, speaking and communication skills.
Develop emotional clarity and balance emotional health, raise emotional intelligence as well as cleansing of pent-up emotions

• Lead to high self-confidence and satisfaction.

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